вuттeяcяeαм (buttercream) wrote in jim_morrison,

When You're Strange Movie + @TheDoors on Twitter

Nothing has been posted about this yet, so here goes:


The When You're Strange movie is getting great reviews all around and being hailed as one of the best documentaries of the year. You can check out the link above to find out where it's playing in theaters, or watch it this Wednesday (5/12) on PBS's American Masters Series. DVD release information about the film is coming soon.

Also, in light of the film's release, an official Doors Twitter account has been created which you can check out and follow here:


One last thing--would anyone here be interested in joining a new Jim/Doors community here on LJ? I run another community here and I was considering creating a new one centered around Jim and the guys which would be continuously updated. I know a lot of LJ members are no longer active, but it's sad to see these communities die out time and time again. So, for those of you still around, let me know if you would be interested in just being a member and maybe promoting it a little to get the word out.
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